Detailed Schedule on Oral Presentation

Date Session Chair Session Place Time No. Category Time Abstract Code Abstract title Presenter
Nov.8 Chair1: Jianghua Chen
(HuNan Univ.)
Chair2: Yoon-Uk Heo
B-3-1 #321+322 13:15~15:05 1 Invited 13:15~13:40 B03-0700 A dislocation-based model for the deformation mechanism of austenitic steel Tae-Ho Lee
2 Invited 13:40~14:05 B03-0701 TEM investigation of the interphase-precipitated carbides strengthening of dual-phase steels and the secondary hardening of low-carbon Nb-Mo-bearing bainitic steels Jer-Ren Yang
3 Contributed 14:05~14:20 B03-0024 Stacking Fault Energy Measurement of CrMnFeCoNi High Entropy Alloy Studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy Han-Jin Kim
5 Contributed 14:20~14:35 B03-0304 Precipitation behavior and mechanical properties of Al–6Mg–9Si–10Cu–10Zn–3Ni natural composite Jae-Gil Jung
6 Contributed 14:35~14:50 B03-0010 In-situ TEM study of oxidation in a nickel-based single crystal superalloy Qingqing Ding
7 Contributed 14:50~15:05 B03-0121 Distribution of Dy in fine grained HDDR processed Nd-Fe-B magnet depending on coating methods Min-Chul Kang
Chair1: Wu Zhou
(Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Chair2: Juan Carlos Idrobo
(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
B-5-1 #323 13:15~15:35 1 Invited 13:15~13:40 B05-0702 Giant Peierls distortion experimentally observed in one-dimensional carbon atomic chains Yung-Chang Lin
2 Invited 13:40~14:05 B05-0703 Direct imaging of kinetic pathways of atomic diffusion in monolayer molybdenum disulfide by advanced ADF-STEM Chuanhong Jin
3 Contributed 14:05~14:20 B05-0062 The phase transition in monolayer MoS2 through electron beam assisted lithium intercalation Xujing Ji
4 Contributed 14:20~14:35 B05-0402 Radiolysis damage in NaCa2Nb3O10 nanosheet under electron beam irradiation Haneul Choi
5 Contributed 14:35~14:50 B05-0086 Evidence of local lattice match for commensurate state of graphene on hexagonal boron nitride Na Yeon Kim
7 Contributed 15:05~15:20 B05-0095 OH molecule involved formation of point defects in monolayer graphene sheet Gyeong Hee Ryu
8 Contributed 15:20~15:35 B05-0083 In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis of Percolated Graphene Network for Stretchable Electrode Jaehyun Han
Chair1: Syo Matsumura
(Kyushu Univ.)
Chair2: Xuedong Bai
(Physics Institute)
B-2-1 #324 13:15~15:20 1 Invited 13:15~13:40 B02-0704 Atomic resolution electron microscopy of metallic nanoparticles Syo Matsumura 
2 Invited 13:40~14:05 B02-0705 Development of in-situ TEM technique and real-time observation of solid state ionic processes Xuedong Bai
3 Contributed 14:05~14:20 B02-0014 STEM direct observation for the organic surfactant molecule on the CeO2 nanocrystals Xiaodong Hao
4 Contributed 14:20~14:35 B02-0036 The effect of creep-age forming directions on the growth of T1 precipitates in the AA2050 aluminium alloy Tsai-Fu Chung
5 Contributed 14:35~14:50 B02-0057 Microstructures and Growth Dynamics in Nano-materials He Zheng
6 Contributed 14:50~15:05 B02-0193 Thermal stability of Ag nanocrystals and their wetting behavior with carbon material Lei Zhang
7 Contributed 15:05~15:20 B02-0308 Correlation between Small-molecule Dependent Nanomorphology and Device Performance of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Ternary Blend Emitting Layer Francis Okello Odongo Ngome
Chair1: Si-Young Choi
B-4-1 #325 13:15~15:15 1 Invited 13:15~13:45 B04-0706 Topological textures and functionalities in strain graded ferroelectric oxide nanostructures Chan-Ho Yang
2 Invited 13:45~14:15 B04-0707 Atomic engineering of transition metal oxides as a new route for exploring their functional properties Daisuke Kan
3 Contributed 14:15~14:30 B04-0002 Novel domain configurations in strained ferroelectric thin films Yin Lian Zhu
4 Contributed 14:30~14:45 B04-0003 Analysis of Polarization-Mediated Thermal Stability of CoFeB/BiFeO3 Heterointerface by Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Xi Shen
5 Contributed 14:45~15:00 B04-0022 Direct observation of Pb2+/Pb4+ displacements in the charge glass state of PbCrO3 by the atomic-scale STEM–EDX mapping. Kosuke Kurushima
6 Contributed 15:00~15:15 B04-0224 Immobilized Anatase/Rutile mixed phase TiO2 on glass beads prepared via dip coating technique Ammar Ibrahim
Chair1: Sung-Yoon Chung
Chair2: Jae Hyuck Jang
A-2-1 #326 14:15~15:40 1 Invited 14:15~14:40 A02-0708 Atomic Resolution STEM Characterization of Grain Boundaries and Surfaces in Energy Materials Yuichi Ikuhara
2 Contributed 14:40~14:55 A02-0128 Atomic Dynamic studying of perovskite oxide with Cs corrected STEM imaging Jae Hyuck Jang
3 Contributed 14:55~15:10 A02-0006 Diffraction mapping for evaluation of the lattice constant deviation at thin film interface Raman Bekarevich
4 Contributed 15:10~15:25 A02-0149 Atomic-Resolution STEM-EDS Mapping of Residual Impurities in MgO Σ5 Grain Boundary Mitsuhiro Saito
5 Contributed 15:25~15:40 A02-0065 Atomistic-scale Study of Cation Ordering in Potassium Tungsten Bronze Nanosheets Luying Li
Chair1: Hyun Soon Park
(INHA Univ.)
Chair2: Yasukazu Murakami
(Kyushu Univ.)
A-6 #121 13:00~15:36 1 Invited 13:00~13:24 A06-0709 Advances in electron holography for electromagnetic field visualization Daisuke Shindo
2 Invited 13:24~13:48 A06-0710 Electron holography studies on interface magnetism in functional materials Yasukazu Murakami
3 Invited 13:48~14:12 A06-0711 Magnetic field observations inside materials using high-voltage electron holography Toshiaki Tanigaki
4 Contributed 14:12~14:24 A06-0064 Advanced Lorentz TEM observations of topological spin textures in chiral-lattice magnets Xiuzhen Yu
5 Contributed 14:24~14:36 A06-0285 Quantitative measurement of the charge density at oxide heterointerface using electron holography Kyung Song
6 Contributed 14:36~14:48 A06-0108 High precision phase-shifting electron holography of compound semiconductor devices Kazuo Yamamoto
7 Contributed 14:48~15:00 A06-0127 New quantification method for differential phase contrast signals obtained by a multi-segment detector Takehito Seki
8 Contributed 15:00~15:12 A06-0250 Experimental studies on the STEM setup parameters influencing the sensitivity of differential phase contrast imaging Gwangyeob Lee
9 Contributed 15:12~15:24 A06-0190 Lorentz TEM observation and analysis of current-induced chiral magnetic domain motion Kiyou Shibata
10 Contributed 15:24~15:36 A06-0110 Materials Studies using In situ Lorentz TEM Hyun Soon Park
Chair1: Jong Min Yuk
Chair2: Nobuo Tanaka
(Nagoya Univ.)
A-3-1 #122 13:15~15:05 1 Invited 13:15~13:40 A03-0712 In-situ liquid electron microscopy of colloidal and energy materials Jong Min Yuk
2 Invited 13:40~14:05 A03-0713 New possibility of environmental high-voltage electron microscopy in Nagoya University Nobuo Tanaka
3 Contributed 14:05~14:20 A03-0018 Development of Fluid Holder for in-situ TEM Observation on Phase Transition of Poly-styrene-b-poly(dimethylsiloxane) Yu Chen Wu
4 Contributed 14:20~14:35 A03-0130 Direct observation of interfacial reaction of Ni/6H-SiC and behavior of carbon at low temperature via in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Ye Na Kwon
5 Contributed 14:35~14:50 A03-0034 Direct Atomic-Scale Observation of Epitaxial Monolayer Graphene Growth from SiC Kaihao Yu
6 Contributed 14:50~15:05 A03-0201 Investigation of fracture behavior of InAs nanowires by electron drilling notch test SuJi Choi
Chair1: Ki Woo Kim
(Kyungpook National Univ.)
Chair2: Ichirou Karahara
(Univ. of Toyama)
C-2 #123 13:15~14:25 1 Invited 13:15~13:40 C02-0715 Visualization of plant cell wall deconstruction during chemical pretreatment process Feng Xu
2 Contributed 13:40~13:55 C02-0119 Morphometric analyses of paternal mitochondrial elimination in the C. elegans using electron tomography and image processing Byung-Ho Kang
3 Contributed 13:55~14:10 C02-0170 Morphological analysis of tissues in the peduncle of Arabidopsis grown under microgravity by conventional microscopy and X-ray micro-CT Ichirou Karahara
4 Contributed 14:10~14:25 C02-0300 Peltate scales on biogenic silver leaves of Elaeagnus umbellata Ki Woo Kim
Chair1: Yasushi Okada
Chair2: Ohkyung Kwon
(Seoul national Univ.)
C-4&5 #123 14:45~16:25 1 Invited 14:45~15:10 C45-0716 Single Molecule Study of Chromatin Structure and Dynamics Yujie Sun
2 Invited 15:10~15:35 C45-0717 Spontaneously blinking fluorophores for super-resolution imaging Mako Kamiya
3 Invited 15:35~16:00 C45-0718 Rapid three-dimensional super-resolution microscopy using spontaneously blinking dyes Peilin Chen
4 Invited 16:00~16:25 C45-0719 High-speed high-resolution live cell imaging with confocal microscope optics Yasushi Okada
Chair1: Jaekyung Hyun
Chair2: Yang Hoon Huh
C-3 #124 13:15~15:25 1 Invited 13:15~13:40 C03-0720 Structural mechanisms of channel gating and ion selectivity of ryanodine receptor/
calcium release channel
Chengcheng Yin
2 Invited 13:40~14:05 C03-0721 Combination of cryo-EM and genetics for studying eukaryotic cilia
Masahide Kikkawa
3 Invited 14:05~14:30 C03-0722 Towards high-resolution cryo-EM structure of neurodegenerative disease protein Ji-joon Song
4 Invited 14:30~14:55 C03-0723 Cryo FIB/SEM on frozen hydrated biological samples and biological/technical interface Claus J. Burkhardt
5 Contributed 14:55~15:10 C03-0173 Correlative observation of mitochondrial dynamics in mammalian cells using live-imaging combined CLEM Keisuke Ohta
6 Contributed 15:10~15:25 C03-0208 Hierarchical 3D classification of cryo-EM structure of archaeal RNA polymerase Jaekyung Hyun
Chair1: Tae-Ho Lee
Chair2: Toru Hara
B-3-2 #321+322 16:00~18:05 1 Invited 16:00~16:25 B03-0724 Atomic-resolution electron microscopy for aluminum alloys as high-performance industry materials Jianghua Chen
2 Invited 16:25~16:50 B03-0725 Nano-mechanical characterization of steels through Nanoindentation and TEM in-situ straining Takahito Ohmura
3 Contributed 16:50~17:05 B03-0230 Enhancement of fracture toughness by Ni addition in high Mn steel weldments Seonhyeong Na
4 Contributed 17:05~17:20 B03-0278 Deformation mechanisms of a Fe-20/25/30Mn-3Al-3Si steel with different deformation processes Cuilan Wu
5 Contributed 17:20~17:35 B03-0361 Effect of Microstructure on the O2 / SO2 Gas Environment Oxidation for Haynes 282 Nickel Based Super alloy Yoonseok Ko
6 Contributed 17:35~17:50 B03-0116 High Density Stacking Faults of {10-11} Compression Twin in Magnesium Alloy Bo Zhou
7 Contributed 17:50~18:05 B03-0051 Inhibitive action of 1, 3, 4-thiadiazole-2, 5-dithiol towards copper corrosion in sulphate solution Siham Echihi
Chair1: SeongYong Park
B-1 #323 16:00~17:25 1 Invited 16:00~16:25 B01-0726 Direct visualization of solid-state electrochemical reactions in Li-ion batteries by spatially-resolved TEM-EELS Kazuo Yamamoto
2 Contributed 16:25~16:40 B01-0053 Single walled carbon nanotubes for enhanced performance of Li-ion Naseem Abbas
3 Contributed 16:40~16:55 B01-0207 Faulting of LiCoO2 layered particle during overcharge Juhyun Oh
4 Contributed 16:55~17:10 B01-0169  Plasma FIB Imaging of Large 3D Volumes with High Resolution in Fuel Cells and Li-ion Batteries Alex Bright
5 Contributed 17:10~17:25 B01-0035 Study of InGaN/GaN quantum wells by TEM techniques ByungKyu Park
Chair1: Yi-Chia Chou
(National Chiao Tung Univ.)
Chair2: Cheng-Yen Wen
(National Taiwan Univ.)
B-2-2 #324 16:00~17:35 1 Invited 16:00~16:25 B02-0728 TBD Yi-Chia Chou
2 Invited 16:25~16:50 B02-0729 TBD Cheng-Yen Wen
3 Contributed 16:50~17:05 B02-0020 Effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) on the strength development of cementitious materials Ali Naqi
4 Contributed 17:05~17:20 B02-0176 The study of the effect of CTAB on growth properties of Au nanoparticles using in-situ Liquid cell transmission electron microscopy HyoJin Hong
5 Contributed 17:20~17:35 B02-0313 In-situ electron microscopy on thermal stability of Pd/Pt core-shell nanoparticles Ryoko Yamauchi
Chair1: Teruyasu Mizoguchi
(The Univ. of Tokyo)
Chair2: Young-Min Kim
B-4-2 #325 16:00~18:15 1 Invited 16:00~16:30 B04-0730 Advance Electron Microscopy for Oxide Materials Ryo Ishikawa
2 Invited 16:30~17:00 B04-0731 Emergent Charge Condensations at Two-Dimensional Oxide Interfaces and Néel-Type Ferroelectric Domain Walls Ming-Wen Chu
4 Contributed 17:30~17:45 B04-0219 Denoising STEM Images using Neural Networks James Buban
5 Contributed 17:45~18:00 B04-0204 HAADF-STEM observations of impurity segregation in dislocations in alumina Eita Tochigi
6 Contributed 18:00~18:15 B04-0115 The nucleation and evolution of W18O49 from nanobundles to single crystal microrod by thermodynamically driven Lujun Zhu
Chair1: Jae Hyuck Jang
Chair2: Sung-Yoon Chung
A-2-2 #326 16:00~17:55 1 Invited 16:00~16:25 A02-0733 Electron Microscopic Approach to Enhance Electrostrain Si-Young Choi
2 Contributed 16:25~16:40 A02-0181 4D-STEM: Expanding STEM Imaging Capabilities with Pixelated Detectors Dominique Delille
3 Contributed 16:40~16:55 A02-0182 Sub-30 meV energy resolution HR-EELS and novel Low-kV HR-STEM techniques for materials science Dominique Delille
4 Contributed 16:55~17:10 A02-0244 Relationship between convergence angle and resolution at low accelerating voltage in electron microscopy with auto aberration correction system and C-FEG Hiroki Hashiguchi
5 Contributed 17:10~17:25 A02-0270 Effective and Fast 4D (S)TEM Imaging with the pnCCD (S)TEM Camera Heike Soltau
6 Contributed 17:25~17:40 A02-0288 Atomic-resolution tomography of PtRu alloy nanoparticles by GENFIRE algorithm Tomokazu Yamamoto
7 Contributed 17:40~17:55 A02-0140 Bandgap Measurement of Cu2Se Grown on the Graphene by Monochromated EELS Hoyoung Suh
Chair1: Boklae Cho
Chair2: Takashi Ogawa
A-1 #121 16:00~18:45 1 Invited 16:00~16:25 A01-0736 Recent high-end TEM developments at Thermo Fisher Scientific Eric Van Cappellen
2 Invited 16:25~16:50 A01-0734 The study of various contrasts in low voltage SEM Yusuke Sakuda
3 Invited 16:50~17:15 A01-0735 Development of aberration corrected scanning electron microscope equipped with annular and circular electrodes Tsunenori Nomaguchi
4 Contributed 17:15~17:30 A01-0016 Supersensitive surface imaging with very slow secondary electrons Sarka Mikmekova
5 Contributed 17:30~17:45 A01-0005 Development of a low angle STEM detector in SEM for observation of nano-bio materials without staining Takashi Ogawa
6 Contributed 17:45~18:00 A01-0039 Sub 10 nm elemental characterisation of bulk and thin specimens in the SEM using a large area windowless SDD Kip Goi
7 Contributed 18:00~18:15 A01-0021 Pixelated STEM Detector and its applications using 4-Dimensional Dataset Yukihito Kondo
8 Contributed 18:15~18:30 A01-0198 Monochromated and aberration-corrected low-voltage analytical electron microscope Masaki Mukai
9 Contributed 18:30~18:45 A01-0276 Silicon Drift Detectors with Large Solid Angle and Energy Resolution Close to the Physical Limits Andreas Liebel
Chair1: Young Heon Kim
Chair2: Jong Min Yuk
A-3-2 #122 16:00~18:05 1 Invited 16:00~16:25 A03-0737 In-situ electromechanical properties of low dimensional nanomaterials Ji-Hwan Kwon
2 Invited 16:25~16:50 A03-0738 TBD Fu-Rong Chen
3 Contributed 16:50~17:05 A03-0025 An Electron-Catalytic Mechanism for Star-Block Copolymer Thin Film Studied with In-Situ TEM in Toluene Environment Ren-Yi Hung
4 Contributed 17:05~17:20 A03-0178 Mechanical stress effects on the lithiation behavior of tin nanoparticles revealed by in situ graphene liquid cell transmission electron microscopy Hyeon Kook Seo
5 Contributed 17:20~17:35 A03-0028 Development of liquid cells using graphene membranes Yu-Ting Hong
6 Contributed 17:35~17:50 A03-0191 Observation of sequential growth and etching of Au nanocrystals using graphene liquid cell electron microscopy Sang Yun Kim
7 Contributed 17:50~18:05 A03-0072 In situ TEM Study on structure and physical properties of semiconductors under strains Kun Zheng
Chair1: Jin Kim
(The Catholic Univ. of Korea)
Chair2: Suxia Wang
(Peking Univ. First Hospital)
C-1 #123 16:25~17:20 1 Invited 16:25-16:50 C01-0739 Monoclonal immunoglobulin related crystalloid nephropathy: ultrastructural diagnosis Suxia Wang
2 Contributed 16:50-17:05 C01-0031 A Study on the permeability barrier using lanthanum nitrate tracer: Morphological approaches in skin barrier and blood-brain barrier Kiju Choi
3 Contributed 17:05-17:20 C01-0264 Degradation of pS261-aquaporin 2 is regulated by Atg7-dependent canonical autophagy Wan-Young Kim
Chair1: Jong Cheol Rah
Chair2: Hirohide Iwasaki
(Univ. of Tokyo)
C-8 #124 15:40~16:35 1 Invited 15:40~16:05 C08-0740 A new genetically encoded tag protein for electron microscopy and proximity labeling Hyun-Woo Rhee
2 Contributed 16:05~16:20 C08-0203 Introduction of correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) of cultured cells Min Kyo Jung
3 Contributed 16:20~16:35 C08-0344 Three-dimensional reconstruction of dendritic spines by scanning electron microscopy Hirohide Iwasaki
Chair1: Young-Min Hyun
(Yonsei Univ. College of Medicine)
C-11 #124 16:50~17:40 1 Invited 16:50~17:15 C11-0741 Nanoscale optical imaging on myelinated axons in vivo Myunghwan Choi
2 Invited 17:15~17:40 C11-0742 Real-time dynamics of neutrophil migration during inflammation - Lesson from intravital imaging - Young-Min Hyun
Nov.9 Chair1: Jer-Ren Yang
(National Taiwan Univ.)
Chair2: Jong Ryoul Kim
(Hanyang Univ.)
B-3-3 #321+322 10:30~11:40 1 Invited 10:30~10:55 B03-0743 Atomistic arrangement of radiation damage in high-energy particle-irradiated materials OHNUKI Somei
2 Contributed 10:55~11:10 B03-0188 TEM study on the deformation behavior in a medium Mn steel of dual-phase lamellar structures Yoon-Uk Heo
3 Contributed 11:10~11:25 B03-0157 EELS analysis of the interface between Al and glass formed with cold spray Minghui Song
4 Contributed 11:25~11:40 B03-0094 Stress-induced new phase in commercial-purity titanium Jingwei Li
Chair1: Wu Zhou
(Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Chair2: Chuanhong Jin
(Zhejiang Univ.)
B-5-2 #323 10:30~12:05 1 Invited 10:30~10:55 B05-0744 Novel Spectroscopy with Monochromated and Aberration-Corrected STEM Juan Carlos Idrobo
2 Invited 10:55~11:20 B05-0745 The Mechanism of Low Dimensional Nanomaterials Synthesis Feng Ding
3 Contributed 11:20~11:35 B05-0023 Atomic scale study on growth and heteroepitaxy of ZnO monolayer on graphene Hyo-Ki Hong
4 Contributed 11:35~11:50 B05-0325 Probing the band structure modification in perovskite nanocrystals by low-voltage monochromatic electron energy loss spectroscopy Junhao Lin
5 Contributed 11:50~12:05 B05-0103 Screw-dislocation driven growth of multilayer hexagonal boron nitride Hyo Ju Park
Chair1: Ming-Wen Chu
(National Taiwan Univ.)
B-4-3 #324 10:30~12:00 1 Invited 10:30~10:55 B04-0746 Atomic-scale investigation of electrically induced ion migration and structural evolution of functional oxides Lin Gu
2 Invited 10:55~11:20 B04-0747 TEM Studies on Nano-filament Evolution in Switching Processes in HfO2-based Resistive Random Access Memory Richeng Yu
3 Invited 11:20~11:45 B04-0748 Giant linear strain gradient with extremely low elastic energy in a perovskite nanostructure array Xiuliang Ma
4 Contributed 11:45~12:00 B04-0050 Investigation on the poisoning mechanism of (La0.6Sr0.4)(Co0.2Fe0.8)O3-δ Shu-Sheng Liu
Chair1: Hongtae Kim
(Catholic Univ. of Daegu)
Chair2: Masami Ando
(Tokyo Univ. of Science)
C-10 #325 10:30~12:00 1 Invited 10:30~10:55 C10-0749 How can we reach a level of nano-micrometer region of spatial resolution in soft tissue imaging by means of crystal-based X-ray Dark-Field Imaging ? Masami Ando
2 Invited 10:55~11:20 C10-0750 Multi-function and cutting edge x-ray microscopy at PLS-II Jun Lim
3 Invited 11:20~11:45 C10-0751 Phase-contrast SR microCT Shows Defective Internal Elastic Lamina of Atherosclerotic Cerebral Arteries Hongtae Kim
4 Contributed 11:45~12:00 C10-0346 X-ray beam-position monitor using fluorescence screen and feedback system Jaeyeon Park
Chair1: Sigeo Okabe
(Univ. of Tokyo)
Chair2: Kea Joo Lee
C-6 #326 09:45~10:35 1 Invited 09:45~10:10 C06-0752 Ultrastructure of Mouse Cerebellum: Reconstruction of Serial Electron Microscope Images Jinseop Kim
2 Invited 10:10~10:35 C06-0753 Improved sample preparation of electron microscopic volume imaging for connectome Nobuhiko Ohno
Chair1: Woong Sun
(Korea Univ.)
C-9 #326 10:45~12:00 1 Invited 10:45~11:10 C09-0754 Development of novel methods for rapid and efficient processing of cleared sample and for tissue clearing with minimal sample deformation Sunghoe Chang
2 Invited 11:10~11:35 C09-0755 Topographic biomarker visualization for Alzheimer’s disease Choe Young-Shik
3 Invited 11:35~12:00 C09-0756 Acrylamide-based tissue clearing for high-resolution 3D imaging of biomolecules Woong Sun
Nov.10 Chair1: Minghui Song
B-3-4 #321+322 11:00~11:55 1 Invited 11:00~11:25 B03-0757 Effects of sub-zero and tempering treatments on the hydrogen embrittlement of 15B30 steel Hsin-Chih Lin
2 Contributed 11:25~11:40 B03-0171 In-situ EBSD analysis and crystal plasticity FE simulations in a CP titanium Joo-Hee Kang
3 Contributed 11:40~11:55 B03-0165 α morphology dependent deformation heterogeneity during hot deformation of a duplex-structure TC21 titanium alloy Ke Wang
Chair1: Yunseok Kim
Chair2: Hoon Kyu Shin
A-4 #323 11:00~12:05 1 Invited 11:00~11:25 A04-0758 Visualization of polarization, screening charges and ionic transport using atomic force microscopy Seungbum Hong
2 Invited 11:25~11:50 A04-0759 Probing electric properties of hetero-interface at graphene/hexagonal boron nitride in-plane junction Jewook Park
3 Contributed 11:50~12:05 A04-0406 Normalization of Kelvin probe force microscopy for qualitative analysis in soft electronics Haeseong Lee
Chair1: Jun Lim
(Pohang Light Source)
Chair2: Byung Mook Weon
A-5-1 #324 11:00~12:05 1 Invited 11:00~11:25 A05-0760 X-ray micro-imaging of various biofluid flow Phenomena Sang Joon Lee
2 Invited 11:25~11:50 A05-0761 Multi-scale multi-dimensional imaging for brain Yeukuang Hwu
3 Contributed 11:50~12:05 A05-0351 Direct observation of the Cassie–Wenzel transition with X-ray microscopy Su Jin Lim
Chair1: Hidehiro Yasuda
(Osaka Univ.)
Chair2: Hee-Seok Kweon
C-7 #325 11:00~12:45 1 Invited 11:00~11:25 C07-0762 In situ observation of catalytic reactions under gas atmosphere by reaction science high-voltage scanning transmission electron microscope equipped with quadrupole mass spectrometer Shunsuke Muto 
2 Invited 11:25~11:50 C07-0763 Recent progress of in situ observation by ultra-high voltage electron microscopy  Hidehiro Yasuda
3 Contributed 11:50~12:05 C07-0363 Maximum usable thickness revisited: Imaging dislocations in semiconductors by modern high-voltage scanning transmission electron microscopy Kazuhisa Sato
4 Invited 12:05~12:30 C07-0764 Approaches to Some Biological Phenomena with High Voltage Electron Microscopy Im-Joo Rhyu
5 Contributed 12:30~12:45 C07-0088 Multi-dimensional Analysis of Synaptic Plasticity in the Cortex and Hypothalamus of Mice Brain by Synchronous Operation of Limitless Panorama and 3D Electron Tomography Yang Hoon Huh
Chair1: Hsin-Chih Lin
(National Taiwan Univ.)
Chair2: Joo-Hee Kang
B-3-5 #321+322 13:00~14:40 1 Invited 13:00~13:25 B03-0765 High Strength Steel Hardened mainly by nano-sized carbides and copper particles Chih-Yuan Chen
2 Contributed 13:25~13:40 B03-0360 Quantitative measurement of radiation induced recrystallization under heavy ion irradiation in CrFeCoNiCu high entropy alloy Jong Wook Lim
3 Contributed 13:40~13:55 B03-0302 Effect of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultrasonicated Multi-component AlMgSiCuZn Alloys Kwangjun Euh
4 Contributed 13:55~14:10 B03-0234 Study of rectangle-like (Si2-xCux)Hf precipitates in A319 alloy with Hf addition Yuan Xing
5 Contributed 14:10~14:25 B03-0200 Effects of post-deformation annealing on the microstructure, mechanical properties and delamination of hyper-eutectoid steel wires Majid Jafari
6 Contributed 14:25~14:40 B03-0177 Atomic-scale characterization of surface modified layer formed by erosion-corrosion process onto high-Mn austenitic steels Majid Jafari
Chair1: Jianbo Wang
(Wuhan Univ.)
Chair2: Litao Sun
(Southeast Univ.)
B-2-3 #323 13:00~14:50 1 Invited 13:00~13:25 B02-0766 Atomistic and Real-time Structural Characterization in Low-dimensional Materials Jianbo Wang
2 Invited 13:25~13:50 B02-0767 In situ TEM study on sub-10nm materials Litao Sun
3 Contributed 13:50~14:05 B02-0009 Electron irradiation – electronic excitation induced structural changes in Pd/SiOx and Au/SiOx interfaces focusing on an amorphous phase formation Takeshi Nagase
4 Contributed 14:05~14:20 B02-0019 Microstructures and reaction properties of reactive nanostructured Ti/Si multilayer films Hong Li
5 Contributed 14:20~14:35 B02-0211 Direct correlation of structural and electrical properties of electron-doped individual VO2 nanowires on devised TEM grids Yong-Ryun Jo
6 Contributed 14:35~14:50 B02-0326 Nanoplasmonic Transduction for Optical and Electrical Sensing of miRNAs Jong-Souk Yeo
Chair1: Byung Mook Weon
Chair2: Jun Lim
(Pohang Light Source)
A-5-2 #324 13:00~14:35 1 Invited 13:00~13:25 A05-0768 Three-Dimensional Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy Using Taiwan Photon Source and Free Electron Lasers Chien-Chun Chen
2 Invited 13:25~13:50 A05-0769 The novel method of spectroscopic nanoscopy using synchrotron based full-field X-ray microscopy Sangsul Lee
3 Contributed 13:50~14:05 A05-0245 Extended energy range EDS for TEM Oleg Lourie
4 Contributed 14:05~14:20 A05-0011 A Revolution in EBSD – Significant Performance Improvements using a CMOS-based EBSD Detector Kip Goi
5 Contributed 14:20~14:35 A05-0075 Microanalysis study on Lanna-style decorative glass found in Thailand Pisutti Dararutana
Chair1: Jae Bok Seol
Chair2: Pyuck-Pa Choi
Chair3: Hung-Wei Yen
(National Taiwan Univ.)
A-7 #325 13:00~15:45 1 Invited 13:00~13:25 A07-0770 Characterization of metallic nanoparticles using Atom Probe Tomography Pyuck-Pa Choi
2 Invited 13:25~13:50 A07-0771 Step-by-step characterizations on deformation-and-partition steels Hung-Wei Yen
3 Invited 13:50~14:15 A07-0772 Correlative atom probe microscopy study of interface diffusion assisted nano-scale phase formation in self-healing Cr2Al(Si)C MAX phase Pradeep Konda Gokuldoss
4 Contributed 14:15~14:30 A07-0401 Combinatorial analysis of TKD and APT on grain boundary segregation and nanoparticles Jae-Bok Seol
5 Contributed 14:30~14:45 A07-0233 Relationship between grain boundary segregation and macro-scale delamination observed in ferritic high-strength low alloy steels Jong-Chan Han
6 Contributed 14:45~15:00 A07-0358 Atomic scale characterization of FeMnCoCrAl multicomponent high entropy alloy Marshal Amalraj
7 Contributed 15:00~15:15 A07-0262 Understanding the field evaporation mechanism of high-k dielectric oxides by using correlative analysis of atom probe tomography (APT) with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) Chang Min Kwak
8 Contributed 15:15~15:30 A07-0320 Dose rate effect on the microstructure evolution under heavy ion irradiation Jinyeon Kim
9 Contributed 15:30~15:45 A07-0228 Atomic-scale imaging of core-shell structure quantum dot Byeong Gyu Chae